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"We deal with thoughts and emotions and I hope that the actors don’t feel that the material is scripted. So they don’t think of the script. Everything must find its inspiration in the moment at hand. The words are there but two very good actors must want to express more of their love than by just reading the script. Only in this way can they really believe in their characters and express them. It really is a product of a group of people coming in and interpreting their roles. Really, truthfully interpreting their roles. Everything that Gena did she did herself. Everything that Peter did he did himself. Everything that all those other actors did, they did themselves. I give a lot of house – if there’s any credit to be given it is to the people that worked behind the camera who are the damnedest crew because they really were for the actor and put themselves second. I would never tell an actor that he is doing it wrong or that it doesn’t connect with my interpretation. I expect the actor to give me his interpretation. Obviously, if he is lazy or doesn’t take his part seriously, then I get out my knife, my gun, my fist, and I kill him! I believe I have a gift as a director, being able to create an atmosphere in which people can act naturally in any given situation. I don’t try and control the scene.”

- John Cassavetes

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I need a Swans Filth t-shirt

will anyone buy me one

I’ll get on camera and solve a jigsaw puzzle for you ;)


will-graham-i-am asked: Is your social worker in that horse? Be honest, now.


He was named after St. Francis,  after the well known, if apocryphal, tale of how St. Francis met a social worker and sewed him alive into a horse.  Very beautiful, very symbolic.

seen it

tylerperryshauntedgraffiti replied to your post: “can someone recommend me some movies that will stress me out or cause…”:

angst for sure, ghosts of the civil dead, and happiness, but happiness is uncomfortable in a very different way than those two.

I’ve seen happiness but I’ll prob check out the other two

thanks friends

Anonymous asked: lol its 'k i still like him dont feel down on urself :^)

nah, I’m not down on myself. everyone fucks up, this is just one fuck-up I didn’t know about.

Anonymous asked: he appropriated hindi culture in the carmensita vid

oh, I didn’t know that. oops.

Taylor Swift performs All Too Well at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards

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ดูดวงสัปดาห์ รายปักษ์ รายเดือน


ดูดวงสัปดาห์ รายปักษ์ รายเดือน

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